Residential Aged Care Lifestyle

The lifestyle environment offered to those who live in our Residential Aged Care facility, not only enables residents to engage in a variety of activities related to their individual needs and preferences, but also provides the opportunity to contribute to and be a part of a vibrant community that embraces and supports caring for each other, empowerment through choice and decision making and social inclusion, regardless of an individuals physical abilities.

The facilitation of a fantastic lifestyle for all residential aged care residents occurs in a large variety of ways - too many to list here. But if you would like to hear more about the great work that the staff and volunteers do in this regard please contact the Executive Lifestyle Officer on 56 232752, or use the Contact Us section of this web site.

Fairview Village operates according to the Eden Philosophy which is a wholistic model that focuses on dignified independence through providing an opportunity for residents to contribute to their own lifestyle - with the support of those around them. There is an emphasis on wellness which improves the quality of life for all residents.