The Fairview Village Continuum of Care

Sadly as we all age we may well notice some reduction in mobility, an increased risk of falls, heightened effects of long term chronic disease, some memory impairment and even a higher risk of significant medical events.

Because Fairview has an extensive integrated suite of care and support services on the one site, we are able to effectively meet most emerging needs through changing the mix and location of services on our village campus. This is summarised in the diagram below.

Our Independent Living Units, Independent Living Apartments, community based care services (Fairview Village Home Care and Fairview Village Helping Hands), respite care and residential aged care services are seamlessly integrated to ensure that we can provide most people with the support and care they need to continue living at Fairview Village for the rest of their lives. These services also offer our residents the opportunity to live as independently as possible and with a high degree of autonomy and dignity. Our community care services are also offered to the general community to assist those who do not live at Fairview Village to maintain their safety, dignity and independence for as long as possible in their own home.

The Fairview Village integrated Continuum of Care is something which few other providers retirement and age services offer. We think it is an important consideration as you become more elderly and are thinking about your future housing and lifestyle options.