Eden in OZ & NZ Registry Visit at Fairview Village

We are excited and delighted to announce that as a result of the Eden Registry Validation visit conducted on Tues. 16th October by Sally Hopkins the Executive   Director of Eden in OZ & NZ, Fairview attained recognition of an additional three Eden Principles being three, four and five. We now have 7 out of 10 and looking   towards apply for the remaining three in the near future.

Sally’s feedback from the day was “We really enjoyed the day visiting, listening and speaking with so many amazing people in your community. One of the main         foundational memories I have come away with, from visiting Fairview, is the strong sense of community across the entire operation – Village and Hostel. Everyone, without exception, felt like they were home.” Sally also made special mention of the Pastoral Care Support program – “is amazing and something to really celebrate” as well as the creation of the “Care Quilts”

Residents and staff worked together to complete and create two magnificent “Care Quilts” one of which is now hanging on the wall in the Hostel near the main dining room for all to admire. The theme of both quilts was hands. Each hand tells the story of each individual resident. As the story of the quilt (written by a staff member involved in the project and attached to the wall next to the quilt) says, hands represent many things – shake hands, hold hands, wipe away tears, make things with your hands, hands can comfort, play music and paint pictures.