The Faces of Fairview Village – Christine & Ron

Living in comfort at Fairview Village in their independent living unit since 2011.

With more than 30 couples living together within Fairview Village’s independent units and apartments, there’s bound to be some cracking tales of romance, heartbreak, and memorable first dates.

Take Christine and Ron Mason, proud Fairview Village residents for the last five years, whose first date was ‘cracking’ for another reason.

The year was 1956. Ron was working on the railways installing the Gippsland line’s first electrical overheads, and New Year’s Eve was fast approaching.

The pair-to-be had already crossed paths some 8 years earlier when Christine thought Ron a “pretty good sort” – and as fate had it, mutual acquaintances brought them together again for the local New Year’s dance.

But the dance date was sabotaged before it even began; Christine had that day put herself in hospital with a broken leg, in a tractor accident she remembers with cartoonish clarity.

“I was standing on the draw bar, bounced right up off the tractor, bounced back down, and it was all over,” Christine said. “I didn’t end up at the dance that night, so we went to the drive-in instead.”

It was fast moving from there for the railroad worker and the power industry general’s assistant, whose shared involvement in the Presbyterian and later Uniting Church – first brought them to Fairview Village.

“We visited quite a few of the folk who lived at Fairview. I remember driving and picking up passengers on Sundays and taking them to Church,” Ron recollected.

“We used to have an evening fellowship group. We used to meet and laugh and say in the years to come we’ll all be together up at Fairview, and that has happened to a degree,” Christine said.

Christine and Ron's wedding day.

As the decades passed, Christine and Ron brought another three generations into the Mason family, lived active church lives, and made countless repeat trips to their favourite holiday destination Harvey Bay.

Having reached their 80’s, Ron and Christine found themselves considering the next step in their lives, moving into Fairview Village’s independent living units where they’ve continued to live active social lives in the knowledge support is always there if they need it.

“Fairview Village has been absolutely fantastic. We enjoy the fellowship of the residents, and get a good roast meal every Wednesday. I still enjoy visiting old friends who are over in the hostel,”” Ron said.

“We were really looking forward to getting here and we’ve been happy since the day we moved in. We’ve never looked back,” Christine said.