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Make your time come alive with Fairview Village's leisure & lifestyle program

The goals of our leisure and lifestyle program are:

To offer opportunities for meaningful activities relevant to the individuals needs and interests.
To provide a discovery of life where learning continues in a supportive environment.

Our Lifestyle program is developed in consultation with you and based on your individual needs, capacities and preferences.

Fairview Village encourages and embraces outside community involvement and will endeavour to maintain your links with the wider community.

Key features of the Lifestyle Program:

  • Offers social inclusion opportunities
  • Provides a broad range of activities seven days week
  • Fosters individual pursuits
  • Provides the opportunity for all residents to exercise choice and independence.
  • Promotes a sense of community and fellowship for all residents, staff, families, volunteers and visitors to Fairview Village.

General weekly group activities may include:

  • Carpet Bowls
  • Bingo
  • Wool Group
  • Cooking
  • Craft
  • Men’s Group
  • Gardening
  • Choir
  • Happy Hour
  • Computer Group
  • Cards and much more

Internet connection is available throughout the village.

Fairview Village has a Chapel where weekly Sunday Church services are provided by the local Warragul Church groups.

A Pastoral Care Program is available to all members of the Fairview Village community.

Weekly Group Activities


The Fairview Village Centre, as well as other site venues offer a wide range of activities and events that provide social inclusion opportunities for all residents. A regular exercise program conducted by a qualified physiotherapist is available.

For those residents who like to have a busy social calendar the opportunities are endless. However the extent you choose to become involved in social and lifestyle activities is entirely up to you.

A Resident Executive Committee is elected annually using a democratic election process by village residents. Throughout the week public transport by bus to and from Fairview Village into the Warragul township is available.


Contribute to and be part of a vibrant residential aged care community that embraces and support mutuality.

Engage in a variety of activities tailored to your individual needs and preferences, regardless of your physical or cognitive ability. An extensive activity area is available for social group activities and special events in addition to a sunroom and individual community lounges.

The “fella’s” are not forgotten with a weekly Men’s only group facilitated by male volunteers.

A large purpose built “backyard” vegetable garden/fruit tree area is also available for any avid resident gardeners to exercise their green thumb.

Trained staff have skills to provide one to one, high engagement, Montessori based activities to residents with specific needs.

The Montessori method promotes positive interaction for people with dementia through one to one, high engagement activities that focus on the strengths and abilities of the individual. For more info, go to www.montessorifordementia.com.au.

We facilitate a fantastic lifestyle for all residential aged care residents in a diverse way with much variety.