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Celebrating and supporting individuals in an inclusive community


Fairview - Your Life, Your Choice, Our Services

The vision will be reflected in our commitment to the development and maintenance of a strong and dynamic community based human service organization which: -

  • Is committed to, can demonstrate and is recognised for service excellence measured in individual client outcomes, that focus on resident lifestyle choices and social roles
  • Is committed to equity by respectfully and skillfully addressing the needs of individuals
  • Is committed to operating on a social model including promoting and facilitating the independence, lifestyle and service choices of its consumers.
  • Through consultation, participation in community relationships, research and active listening we are aware of the needs and social trends of the community we serves
  • Demonstrates best practice approaches to all dimensions of service, including administration and governance
  • Is committed to and implements quality assurance and continuous improvement systems to ensure professional outcomes.
  • As an employer of choice we provide a safe working environment, and we value, nurture and develop staff and volunteers in a team environment
  • Promotes a learning culture which draws on critical reflection and the implementation of learning, including accessing and participating in research
  • Through effective and open corporate communication processes, we will be a key provider of care support services to the community.
  • Is innovative, entrepreneurial, flexible and responsive in our approach to addressing individual and community needs, reflected in a range of specific programs and specialised service responses.
  • Through good management and strong governance has a clear strategic plan and is fiscally skilled and disciplined, reflected in long-term viability.
  • Promotes, facilitates and provides for effective service integration and continuity of care, including through the provision of a mix of residential and community based care, and through realisation of opportunities to achieve effective vertical service integration.
  • Provides residents with valued home environments which reflect individual preference, design excellence/innovation and appropriate maintenance.
  • In the interests of our clients and the community we will work in partnership with other groups, organisations and authorities.
  • Is prepared to play a service leadership role in both the local community and in relation to the service sector(s) to which we belong, including playing the role of an advocate.
  • Will develop and operate a centre of excellence with a mix of services on site, which maximise social inclusion, access to services and community life, and continuity of care/support.


Working in partnership with you to enhance your Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

In addressing this mission Fairview Village's governance and operations will be guided by the following principles:

  • We recognise and affirm the intrinsic value of each and every individual within the Fairview Village community.
  • A positive approach to ageing reflected in a respect for the rights and individual needs, preferences and personal history of each resident and their families.
  • A commitment to service quality and excellence reflected in best practice development, continuous improvement and accountability.
  • Maximising opportunity for the provision of continuity of care services to enable residents to age in place with the minimum of change and adjustment.
  • A commitment to the provision of a community inclusive approach to service reflected in: individual client’s involvement in community life, community involvement in and contribution to the life of Fairview Village and the maintenance of social and family connections.
  • Provision of a residential environment that is designed to maximise quality of lifestyle choices, comfort and dignity.
  • Recognising, developing and affirming the value and contribution of our staff, achieving the status of being an employer of choice in the community.