Residential Aged Care overview

Fairview Village is committed to ensuring that a move into residential aged care is nothing more than a change of address and that you continue to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

We understand perfectly that needing residential aged care is not something that any older person or their family look forward to. We also appreciate that it frequently follows some significant health set back for many prospective residents. 

This may trigger uncomfortable feelings for all concerned including anxiety, uncertainty and even guilt for family members. 

The process is made harder by the fact that the aged care system and related processes for eligibility and admission are rather complex and involved, especially for those (most of us) who are confronted by these challenges for the first time. 

With this in mind we have sought to keep the information simple. The rest we are only too happy to explain and work through with you.

The Fairview Village Residential Aged Care Facility is fully accredited by the Aged Care Standards Agency. A full review was conducted in October 2014 resulting in Fairview being judged as compliant with all accreditation standards and outcomes. This confirms that Fairview Village provides a high quality residential aged care service which ensures the comfort, safety and well being of residents. Full accreditation status will be in place until another review late in 2017.

For more details about residential aged care please see the Key Points and Further Information sections.


Please note that Fairview Village Residential Aged Care Facility is a Smokefree Environment. For the health and safety of all residents, family members, visitors and staff, smoking is not allowed in the aged care facility or anywhere else on site.