Service Options

Home based care and support may be provided by Fairview Village in two different ways - through government funded Home Care Packages or on a fee for service basis through Fairview Village Helping Hands. The range of home based care and support services are diverse, flexible, responsive and tailored to individual needs and budgets. Some may choose to avail themselves of the fee for service program while on the waiting list for Government funded packages.


These packages are a government subsidised home-based care and support service. Because they are government funded, the number available is limited and you will probably find yourself on a waiting list if requiring this type of assistance. Each package is individually planned and coordinated to meet the individual needs of each recipient providing support and assistance to remain living in your home. The Community Care division of Fairview Village is fully accredited with the Department of Health and Ageing to deliver these packages until September 2017.

Eligible individuals will be allocated a Case Manager who will assess the needs and priorities with the client and in turn develop an individual service plan to engage services and support within the budget provided by the package. Such services may include one or more of: 

  • Domestic support (cleaning, shopping, etc)
  • Personal Care
  • Transport
  • Some home maintenance

Most services would be provided by Fairview Village professionally qualified direct care workers, some might be provided by a specialist service, e.g. home maintenance services. If you are living in a Fairview Village independent living unit or apartment, these services can be delivered into that environment (and many currently are). This provides you with the best of both worlds - a purpose built living environment within the Fairview Village community as well as any extra support that you may need.


Because government funded home care services are in limited supply, Fairview Village has developed it's Helping Hands service which can provide all of the same services as the Home Care Packages and much more. These services are provided on a pay-as-you-go (fee for service) basis. A Helping Hands home support package can be designed to suit your particular circumstances and budget. As with the Home Care assistance, a Fairview Village Helping Hands Case Manager would be assigned to you and that person would assist in putting services in place and ensuring that they are delivered to your satisfaction. Again, these services can be (and currently are) delivered to existing residents of our independent living units or apartments as well as to people in the general community.

For further information about either of the home based care options please contact the Fairview Village Community Home Care Department on 03 5623 2752 or use the Contact Us section of this web site.