Residential Care

We provide a homely, friendly environment where family, friends and pets are included in day-to-day life, ensuring you never feel bored or lonely.
  • Fully accredited and audited (Aged Care Standards Agency)
  • 67 private room beds
  • Dedicated en suite bathrooms
  • Double rooms to accommodate couples
  • Short stay respite room
  • Bring your pets with you *Management approval required

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Lifestyle Activities


The lifestyle of Fairview residents is significantly enriched by the inclusion of a diverse group of volunteers who play a vital role assisting the organisation and supporting the promotion of positive ageing.


Volunteering is an amazing two way street as it:

  • Enhances the satisfaction of an older person’s life.
  • Forms new and rewarding relationships with clients, staff and other volunteers.
  • Exercises your unique skills and interests with others.
  • Augments life outside of Fairview with new skills and insights.

Speak with the Volunteer Coordinator for further information about the process to become a registered volunteer at Fairview.


Make your time come alive with Fairview’s Leisure & Lifestyle program

Our Lifestyle program is developed in consultation with you and based on your individual needs, capacities and preferences.

Fairview encourages and embraces outside community involvement and will endeavour to maintain your links with the wider community.

Key features of the Lifestyle Program:

  • offers social inclusion opportunities
  • provides a broad range of activities seven days week
  • fosters individual pursuits
  • provides the opportunity for all residents to exercise choice and independence.
  • promotes a sense of community and fellowship for all residents, staff, families, volunteers and visitors to Fairview

General weekly group activities may include:

  • Carpet Bowls
  • Bingo
  • Wool Group
  • Cooking
  • Craft
  • Outings
  • Men’s Group
  • Gardening
  • Choir
  • Happy Hour
  • Cards and much more

Internet connection is available throughout the village.

Fairview has its own Chapel where weekly Sunday Church services are provided by the various local Warragul Church groups.

A Pastoral Care Program is also available to all members of the Fairview community.

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